Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Out of hiding!

Yes I know I haven’t posted for a while but things around here have been rather busy, yet they haven’t! Does that make sense? I have done very little scrapping and have been catching up on things around home like removing curtains and washing them, cleaning the whole house top to bottom, a little sleeping in, enjoying not having to drive very far, re-potting plants, working on the pool – is that enough?

We have wanted to re-pot some fantastic Ficcus? Plants we have on the verandah but haven’t been able to find pots large enough to take them, until we thought why not use some wine barrel halves (we live on the very edge of the Swan Valley so they were easy to find). Here’s the end result….one of them anyway………….

The bullnose has gone down around the pool now and grouting has been done, just need to finish sealing them and then finish off the paving! I have also planted some new plants which will hopefully climb and grown over the ugly grey pool fence that it currently there.

We have a tradition among some friends of ours that we celebrate Xmas in July….now this tradition started about 18 years ago, before we all had children, when we all used to go down to Margaret River Guesthouse and spend the weekend together, touring the wineries, playing some kind of sport, Christmas dinner on the Saturday night where we would have a Santa and Santa’s helper and there would be gifts for everyone. Oh yeah and we would all drink way too much and play silly games like hide and seek! Anyway I digress, this year we (12 adults and 14 children) are invading the Mandalay Beach Resort in Busselton where we have 6 beach cottages booked and plans are starting to take shape. There are no gifts this year cause I think we would need to take out a second mortgage on our homes to afford them! So I have taken upon myself to make up a mini album for each family including mine. Well these have been on the “to do” pile for a couple of weeks now and I have finally finished them this morning.

Pretty happy with them too! The plan is to provide each family a CD with all the photos I intend to take over the weekend ( I have included a CD pouch in the back of the album), and they can print off the ones they want and stick them in the album. Well that’s the plan anyway. Only problem is I can’t decide who gets what album, I like them all. Maybe I should lucky dip them!

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the cup cakes, they were a huge success and not too rich and sickly! Since then I have purchased a recipe book called 500 cupcakes – so some more baking is on the agenda.
Rightyho, now I'm off to do my "Fantabulous Felt Mini-Book" that I won from the lovely Kim Archer! I will post a piccie when it's done, but the way I'm going lately with my scrapping, don't hold your breath!
Enjoy the rest of the school holidays and take care!


Lissy said...

Albums look great Sharon - super idea :)

Wine barrels - perfect...they really suit the setting on your verandah too :)

Hannah said...

I really like the whole mid-winter Christmas idea ... sort of feels "right" to have a Christmas celebration in winter like the Northern Hemisphere types! ;-)
What a great idea those albums & CDs are! But they must have taken you ages - well done!!

PS. Want to come to my place and wash my curtains? LOL

Megan said...

Sharon we lived in Busselton for a year, and the Mandalay is a GREAT spot to stay. You won't want to go home!

Megan xx

Ilka said...

Love the ficus in the winebarrel!
Your midwinter christmas sounds great, looking forward to seeing some pics! And what a wonderful idea with the minibooks and cd's. Hehehe I reckon lucky dip is the way to go because they are all gorgeous!

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
You have been busy and your newly potted plant looks great, can't beat the wine barrels with ficcus. Wow the cupcakes book sounds great, still drooling over your other effort. You will have a great time down this way, it is like God's garden. Love your pressies for the families. Now I am tagging you (sorry) please go to my blog for the rules and to find out a little more about me and I look forward to finding out more about you. Take care

Mel Goodsell said...

The wine barrel looks unreal for the plant, love it!
Wow these albums are really special, what beautiful presents you've made for everyone.
Take care