Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Art, SC Colour Competition and Pool


Over the last few months I have experimented with the types of mediums and projects that I use on a daily basis. For a while there I was surrounded by other artists who confidently use these different types of mediums very successfully. Therefore I thought I should embrace them and also be competent at using them……you know what…………I’m not!

I’m not comfortable using things like liquid nails (Michael will get a laugh out of this I’m sure LOL), I’m not comfortable just seeing where things take me. I have struggled with this recently and have really had internal arguments as to why I can’t just let go and let things happen. This has been a rocky and sometimes frustrating time for me but a time nonetheless that I think had to happen for me to realise I am who I am and darn proud of it. I have discovered my “style” so to speak and I like my style, other’s may not and that’s ok. I have to enjoy what I do with my “art” and just because I don’t like using liquid nails (just using this as an example) it only makes me different…..not wrong. Not that anyone else has ever said to me that I am wrong, more like I have said it to myself. Enjoyment is the key here, if you enjoy what you are doing and love the end result then that’s what counts.

SC Colour Competition

Here is my entry to the Scrapbook Creations Colour Competition.

Congratulations to the winner and runner’s up. Thank you to Chris Millar too for taking a photo of the Green and Black display at the Expo on the weekend, they all look awesome. The photo on this layout of Lis and myself was taken by Alli using Lis' camera (gotta get the credits in).


Well I can paint………….see

We finished the first coat on the pool on Sunday and we are about to head down there and put the second and final coat on now. I have paint from head to toe literally, I have blue feet!

Steve picked up the new bullnose limestone for the edge yesterday and we are putting a water feature in the top right corner of the pool using some of the large rocks we have on the property. We have also picked out a shade sail which will be suspended from the house to the large tree at the back of the pool. So we are getting closer. Steve has done an amazing job on this!
I have a layout on the go so I will hopefully finish today and post tomorrow.
Take Care.


Hannah said...

So so so jealous of your pool!!! It looks awesome, you did a wonderful job of painting it. I WISH we had a pool ... but it would be kind of silly since we live a few hundred metres from the beach!! ;-)

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Your layout looks amazing as does your pool. Yummo, you will be in for a fabbo summer. I also adore your big lovely organised pantry, purging is so much fun, I am needing to spend some more time having another big throw out, it really lightens you up doesn;t it.
Take care and don't get too blue. LOL. Tracey.

Lissy said...

You are just fine the way you are :) I can't do all that stuff either....lol...and that is what is great about the world...all sorts in it :)

Love the layout :) Great pic...lol...

Pool is coming along swimmingly!!

Megan said...

Hi Sharon,

I love the layout of you and Lissy...so bright and happy. Just like you both!

And good job on the pool - would you like me to send some water over??!

Megan xx