Wednesday, June 13, 2007


My baby is 13th today, wow where have the years gone Gemma? Happy Birthday sweetheart, we love you very much and hope all your dreams come true.

Celebrations are going to have to wait as Gemma dances tonight from 4-7pm and Renae is not home tonight either. So we hope to celebrate in a week or so when things are a little less hectic.

Another birthday today, my niece Paula turns 22! Happy Birthday to a gorgeous woman who we love lots. We hope your birthday is everything you hoped for and more.

Gosh this is even scarier as Steve and I met the week before Paula was born, it feels like a lifetime ago.

There was also another birthday on Monday, Rhiannon's Gemma's best friend who also turned 13th! Congratulations sweety and there are only exciting times ahead for you in the coming months and we wish you love and happiness.

Rhi is the young lady in the photo in my last post with her Sister Sami.

Thanks for checking in and have a great day.


Hannah said...

Happy Birthday Gemma!

A teenager now ... ;-)

She looks pretty happy with her new (?) phone!

Chris Millar said...

Happy b'day to your baby girl Sharon!

Lissy said...

WOW! 13.....Happy Birthday! Looks like some great presents in your house!!