Saturday, June 9, 2007

Photoshop Friday, Purging, Burning off & Pantry

I subscribe to Jessica Sprague's Photoshop Fridays and this week the tutorial was to turn your photo into a dreamy hand coloured today I played........


I love the results of this!
I've printed off the new photo and hopefully get a layout done in the next few days.

The last few days we have spent "purging" all the "stuff" you collect but don't really use. Tomorrow there is a Swap Meet up the valley a bit so the cars and trailer are all loaded and hopefully some more money into the holiday kitty for next year!

Steve also burned off a little and it's still smouldering outside. Having been through a bushfire here and coming very close we are cautious about burning off on a regular basis particularly around the house.

I cleaned out my pantry yesterday and I'm off to a Tupperware Party tonight to buy some more so I can sort some more.....does that make it is nice and tidy......yes my pantry is the size of a small bedroom!!!!!!!

That's it for this back early next week.

Take Care!


Mel Goodsell said...

I want your pantry!!! It;s hugeeeee, I could have a field day if my pantry was that big. So neat and tidy too!!
I love how the altered version of the photo turned out also, very very nice.

Megan said...

I was just about to write what Mel wrote!! I want your pantry Sharon!!

I also subscribe to Jessica's thingo but haven't had a chance to check it yet...your photo looks great!

Megan xx

Judy said...

Photo looks brilliant. I love purging too!!!

Hannah said...

Wow, love that hand coloured photo. It will look gorgeous scrapped!

And yes I am jealous of your pantry too. My pantry is pretty awesome but yours ... far out!

Jenny said...

Hope you made lots and lots of money.... Love your Pantry as well. WOW only two weeks to the Big crop day! Time flies.... Seeeeee you soon Luv Jen xxx