Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Layout Wednesday

Well I have accomplished 2 layouts today and finished off my donation layouts to the Autism Crop on 23rd June.

First one is of my Darling Husband Steve (he hates DH) taken in Sydney at Christmas time. He commented some time ago that I had stopped journaling on my just for him I have put some on this layout.

The second one is a photo you have already seen of my daughter Gemma at dancing.
I haven't done a bright layout for ages and then I have two in the last few days.

Thanks for looking and I do hope you are enjoying the school holidays.


Lissy said...

Great layouts Sharon - both so different!

Jenny said...

Love both the lay-outs Sharon. Both the photos are great, Steve does look relaxed, cant say Gemma looks relaxed but she does make it look easy! School Holidays- yeah wonderful! Luv Jen xxx

Alli said...

love them Sharon, especially your bright one. let me know if you need printer help ok