Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I can share......

Some of the pages from the album I have just finished.
OK so a little background.......it was for Scott Strange, a professional golfer from Perth. His girlfriend commissioned the album for his 30th Birthday and how she managed to keep it a secret is beyond me. I do know that she was busting to give it to him and she did just that on Saturday and he was overwhelmed at the enormity of the very unique gift he received.
The album was essentially to capture his golfing career and in particular the recent (and not so recent) success he has had, so things like newspaper clippings were an important part of this album as was some of the tournament memorabilia collected along the way.
Among the tournament pages I wanted to showcase some of the amazing photos that were supplied to me and create “inspirational” pages just to break up the album a little.
So here are just a few of the pages from the album, the photographer of some of the photos is at this stage unknown, but hopefully I will be able to credit him/her sometime in the near future.

This was the opening page. Very simple as I think the photo spoke a million words and I wanted to make a statement page 1.

So that is just a snippet of the album. Below is just one layout that I have done this week.

Thanks for looking and I hope to share some more with you all tomorrow.......if I could just hibernate and scrap for the rest of the week then I would be a very happy girl!
Take Care


Kim G said...

Wow Sharon, no wonder he was thrilled to receive such an awesome gift - well done! I totally love that layout of Mia too - truly beautiful! Oooh hibernating sounds soooo good!

Chris Millar said...

How cool for you to do this commissioned album Sharon and I'm sure he was overwhelmed with the surprise!
Love the Mia layout!! Gorgeous!

Jenny said...

Sharon the album looks superb! How did you find doing a "Male" orientated Album? Your insight is amazing. Get the girls to do your house work, hubby to do the shopping and cooking (i know welcome to dream land) and then you can scrap, scrap, oh and do some scrapping!C U Soon xxxJenxxx

Alli said...

I can see why he was thrilled Sharon! just fantastic

and just adopt my life plan.. it can wait.. scrapping cant... it can wait.. scrapping can't LOL

Judy said...

Lovely work lovey. glad it turned out so well for you and them.

Lissy said...

I have seen this album IRL and Sharon you did a great job!

Ev said...

Awesome pages Sharon, I esp like the believe page. You have done well to do so many male pages. I am not surprised he was blown away. Glad you can get some of yours done now.