Sunday, April 8, 2007

GO LISSY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK I'm no cheerleader but Lissy has made it through to the next round for the Scrapbook Outlet NZ Design Team. Please check it out from Friday night when the next round of voting opens! You need 100 posts to vote and there are plenty of games to play to get you over the mark.

GO LISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!

A photo I took on Saturday of our friends youngest son......this boy is going to break a few girls hearts when he gets older!

I hope to have a few layouts tomorrow to show stand by!

Hope your Easter has been relaxing............I'm so over chocolate!


Alli said...

I have shown great diabetic restraint even though I want to sit down with the bowl of baby cadbury chocolate eggs and just eat them all.. I tried chocolate therapy by burning chocolate candles but that only worked until 11am, I am near breaking point LOL as in breaking into a run towards the chocolate bowl!!

Jenny said...

Wash your mouth out... So over chocolate! lol. I love your camera how you can put captions on to it. Looking forward to seeing the layouts. Luv xxxJenxxx

Lissy said...

Fabulous photo :)

And thanks for the vote of confidence!