Friday, April 20, 2007

Cleaning and Chocolate YUM!

This morning was spent cleaning up my Scrap room putting away all those bits and pieces that I couldn't find a home for and unpacking my gear from both the Artistic Journey and Hyden Retreats. Renae gave me a hand to do this too which was great. So my "collection" tray is empty and ready to be filled again over the coming months. Some new boxes were allocated and labelled and the decks are now cleared! Good feeling.

This layout was done today by Renae, my eldest daughter. After a few pointers on what decisions she needed to make along the way she managed to do really well and this is the result!
If I ever need some help with my scrapping I know who to ask I think. Great job Sweetheart!

The voting for the next round at Scrapbook Outlet opens this afternoon for 24hours so don't forget to head over and check out Lissy's layout and vote!

Go and check out Alli's "Today" Poppet Canvas at Buzz and Bloom too, it's gorgeous.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Lissy said...

Gee that is a great page Renae!

Super you have a neat and organised room now Sharon..must get onto mine again!

Judy said...

Nice boxes!
Great lo Renae!
Yummy looking chocolate!Hmmm
Better go and track some down - hehehehe.