Monday, April 23, 2007

2007 WA Press Photography Awards

Steve has a little time off this week before the girls go back to school on Thursday so we decided that we would do something as a family today. After flicking through the newspaper this morning I came across an advert for an exhibition for 2007 WA Press Photography Awards which was on at the WA State Library. Renae is looking at doing photography of some sort on leaving school and both Steve and I are interested.

We told the girls we were going to the State Library; with a bizarre look on their faces we didn’t enlighten them to much else until we were nearly there. You know it was so refreshing to see something different (something we don’t do often enough). Being Press Photography there was a broad spectrum of subjects from sports and Ben Cousins to a house fire in Kalamunda (a house that was scarily so much like ours it kind of spooked both Steve and myself). We spent about an hour or so looking around at all the photos that had a small explanation of the subjects under each one.

Afterwards we decided to have some lunch and we chatted about what our thoughts were about the exhibition. Mine were that perhaps if the captions were not under each photo then we might have made our own stories up to go with each one and how different those stories may have been from what really happened.

Different photos moved each of us differently and we even found a photo of someone we knew personally which was a little bit of excitement……”I know him, isn’t that JD?”

One photo in particular of a now elderly Australian soldier mesmerised me with every line and wrinkle of his well worn face telling its own story, some good and some bad.

Gemma loved a photo of a 7 week old baby with his eyes wide open.

Steve liked one of an aborginal child with very excited smile on his face.

We also discussed the fact that a picture doesn’t have to be perfectly in focus to make it a great picture. While we didn’t always agree with the judges on their choices (there were others that perhaps we would have chosen instead) we could see their reasoning behind their decisions. I think judges in every realm have a personal choice factor in their final decisions as to who gets the blue ribbon.

A very enjoyable day!


Judy said...

Sounds like a lovely family outing. Glad y'all enjoyed it.

Megan Pickwell said...

What a wonderful oportunity to share a different experience with your family Sharon. An exhibition such as that really does put meaning to the phrase "A picture paints a thousand words"

Jenny said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. My boys wouldnt go unless ALL the photos were of cars or bikes! (BMX bikes of corse) I saw your Beautiful girl the other day when she dropped the flyers off to the shop.... hope she gave you my message....and the hundred dollar note (LOL) Keep Well Luv Jen xxx

Kim G said...

Sounds like a fantastic day.

You've been tagged. Check out my blog for details.

Have a great day!

Jenny said...

Only joking about the $100, you know my stupid sense of humour.... hope you got the msg and the hundred dollar note!! BUT I do have something from me to donate to Ali, can I give this to you when you call in? (Heidi Swapp alpha stamps)and I will get something together from the shop as well. xxxJenxxx