Thursday, April 19, 2007

Impossible, Printer, Repeat Photos and Scraps

Here's a layout done today of all our friends' children. 6 couples (12 adults) and 13 children altogether (14 including Renae but unfortunately she had to work this particular day). We have been friends for over 20 years and get together infrequently but always do something for Xmas in July. So maybe in July I can get a group photo with them all looking at the camera and smiling. Thanks to Sandy and Neil for hosting this day, we had a great time, including the Easter Egg hunt and the kids even got to swim.

I have done another couple of layouts which unfortunately are for submissions so I can't show you those just yet.

I am now the very proud owner of a Epson Stylus Photo 1410 printer! This A3 printer is superb, I had some photos printed the other day at a processing lab and then printed the same photo on my new printer and honestly the one I printed was so much better. I can't wait to run a piece of 12x12 cardstock through it......... I know little things eh.

Have you ever loved a photo so much that you have scrapped it several times? I was working on a layout this morning of Gemma and she comes in and says "Not again Mum, that's the third layout you have done using that same photo". "No" I said.
Gemma was right, I have used this same photo twice before and was about to do a third......I drew the line and did away with the layout.....begrudgingly. Luckily nothing was stuck and can be used on another.

I bought a Cropper Hopper plastic box to house all my scraps the other day and now they are nicely filed by pattern/colour. My theory is that now I know what I have and can find it, I will use them up. They were starting to take over my scrap room. Thank you Jigga!

I'd like to wish Lucas a very Happy 10th Birthday!!!!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day gorgeous.
Love Aunty Sharon! xxxxxxxxxx

I think that covers the last few days so until next time take care.


Lissy said...

Great page Sharon :)

YAY a new printer!! Now you will have to take lots of new phtos to print out!

I have my paper scraps sorted in Cropper Hopper now and I do actually use them!

Megan said...

Hi Sharon!

That is a super page! And how wonderful that you have all remained friends for so long...that is really special.

Megan xx

Ev said...

gotta say I agree on the Epson printers - mine isn't A3 but I love the quality of photos it produces, I get quite funny when I get photo labs to print now knowing what I can do at home. I try not to use a photo more than once but sometimes you just have to as the image brings back so many happy thoughts and just looking at it you can see those possibilities pop out at you.

Alli said...

it's the little things that make us happy Sharon :) I'm glad you are happy with the printer