Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Special Day

This morning I met Lissy and Alli at The Old Cottage Cafe for Lis's birthday.
Yummy breakfast and great company, what more could you want? Check out their blogs for piccies!
I think they may have seen another side of me this morning as I had already had 2 Latte's before I got there and couldn't resist another. Needless to say I think I was "pinging". Just don't feed me coffee before the road trip girls and you should be ok!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for a great morning girls! Oh and I do have another week to prepare before Hyden (thank goodness) as I'm going to need it. Now we have that sorted out I do feel alot better.
Hope you are all having a great week.


Alli said...

I didn't think you were at all loud sharon, couldn't hear you over all the noise I was making lol.. and I hadn't had any coffee, just never give me a drink then you will experience loud

Lissy said...

Well it was all jolly good fun this morning...really looking forward to our road trip :)
Thanks so much girls for making such an effort for my birthday...brekkie and fabo pressies :)