Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Creative Block

Have you seen this book before?

Well I have used it a bit lately…..I bought it in Sydney whilst we there and it caught Steve’s eye too. What page did I open on today?……"Recall the stupidest thing you did when you were younger"……that would have to be get very drunk on Ouzo (do you remember Pauline?), do you know I can’t stand the smell of the stuff today! Yucko. I’d love to know what your first poison was.

Standby tomorrow for a sneak peek at my layout class for the Scrappin' Outback retreat in Hyden the weekend after next.......

Take Care


Rach said...

Oh Sharon just reading the word just made me feel sick let alone the thought of smelling it!

Oh I now have goosebumps right down my spine yucko and I understand completely lol!

Looking forward to your sneak peek.

Lissy said...

I never did such silly things...lol...but my fav drink is Soutehrn Comfort which is really handy as most people I know were sick on that at some stage so never want to steal mine!!!