Monday, March 19, 2007

Off Air

Well we have been offline since Saturday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Friday and Saturday we have some earthmoving to do, re-shape the area around our shed and sculpt the dirt on the slope. We also had to install a new soak well to catch all the water that runs down our drive way so that it didn't run straight down past the house and create divets!

So I went out with Gemma to buy some new tap shoes and left Steve and the backhoe guy (James) to it. OK so all the dirt had been put where it was supposed to go and they were on the last bit of the job, installing the soak well right next to the shed and sparks flew big time.....ooops they had chomped straight through the power and telephone cables. Well the power was fixed up pretty quickly by calling out an electrician, but the telephone cable was another thing. We finally got that sorted at 9.00pm last night luckily.

You don't realise how much you rely on it until you don't have it!!!!

So if someone has emailed me, I'm getting there, still trying to catch up on some work.

Saturday afternoon we had a tropical thunderstorm come in and this was the vew from our balcony.......I think you can just make out the second rainbow to the left.

You can actually see where the rainbow ends among the trees too. Gorgeous!

Then this morning we woke to this scene.......I know why we live here!

I will have to catch up on all your blogs in the next few days......back to work now!
Take Care.


Lissy said...

Stunning photos :)

And here I thought you were ignoring would have been beside myself!!

Judy said...

Well sure you lost power!Lol
Hope they were Bloch tap shoes mate.
Love the photo's- absolutely stunning.