Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Perth Family Photographer | Miles Family

We had to re-schedule this session twice due to thunderstorms and torrential rain.  Then on the last day we had the chance to do the shoot I got stuck in a road block due to an accident and had to make a 50km detour.  I’d left home early enough thank goodness as I haven’t done a photo session at the beach before (can you believe that!) and wanted to do a quick scout around beforehand.  I rang Helen and let her know that I was definitely going to be at least 10 mins late but I was going to be there regardless.

I hit the ground running as we were going to lose light pretty quickly.  Luckily the whole family were fantastic and everything went very smoothly. I don’t like working under pressure but I think I should do it more often given the results……definitely one of my favourite family sessions!


This young lady is heading overseas in the next few days, now her family has something to remind them of her until she returns! Beautiful.


All 3 girls are stunning and were just lovely to photograph!



And Ben…..a little shy like most men of his age but I think I captured a couple of cheeky smiles for his Mum.



Mum!  Gorgeous Helen.




This would have to be my favourite from the session, taken very late in the day, but it speaks volumes about the connection this family has, even as they spread their wings and travel the world.


A wonderful family…..thanks you guys!


Sharon xo