Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Perth Family Photographer | What to wear Now!

In following up from a previous post here about clothing I thought it would be fun to do some virtual shopping and put together some ideas for clothing in the current season.

I don’t know what it’s been like where you are but here in Perth we have been experiencing some gloriously sunny days which start out (and end up) a little chilly……1 degree C here the other morning.

So a good idea is to layer, particularly with kids if an outer layer gets dirty then just peel off to an under layer and you have a whole new look!

I have put together these ideas from clothing that is very accessible and affordable. It’s a starting point if you are lost as to what to wear.  Jeans are always a good option, then choose a colour that you can bring into the whole families clothing and then add other solid less obtrusive layers from there.

In the following examples I have chosen an autumn palette with different shades of red coming through in all members of the family.

I know quite often I see something online and remember that I already have a similar item in my wardrobe and just seeing it combined with a jacket for example that is fresh always inspires me to try it too.





Sources: Pumpkin Patch, Gazman, Sportscraft, Seed Heritage, Target, Country Road.

Have some fun planning what you are going to wear for your photo session!

Sharon xo

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