Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Perth Family Portrait Photographer | Argent Family

It’s so nice when families come back to me a second time to have their family photos taken.

I first photographed the Argent Family back in October 2009 at their family farm.  On Sunday I was lucky enough to catch up with the family again and see how much the girls have grown  …..something children have a habit of doing…..growing up.  I think I have grown too in so many ways so we re-connected and had a great time!

Here’s an image from 2009….


And on Sunday……


Such cuties and well behaved girls.


Everything Miss E did……


Miss T wanted to do too.


Mr & Mrs Argent……


I love it when I fire off a heap of shots from a distance, when the family is least suspecting and I get home to find an image like this……little sister following big sister!


Thank you to the Argent family and the Grandparents too, especially carrying my gear up and down the hill and minding it whilst we took advantage of the setting sun.  Much appreciated.

Sharon xo