Friday, February 3, 2012

Perth Family Photographer | Alex and Family

This was my first photo session for 2012, with Alexandra and her family.

It felt so good to be out shooting again and I haven’t laughed that much in a long time and it re-affirmed that I really do love what I do.  The kids were fantastic little models although Nathan proved to be a challenge but I triumphed in the end with a little bit of help from everyone behind the camera.

Beautiful light and location….I have used this one before and it’s a favourite of mine.


These guys really were heaps of fun!



You want to know why I haven’t laughed like that in a long time?  Well I think all these tell the story pretty well.  Josh was over from Queensland for the holidays and these two really have a wonderful Mother/Son relationship.  At times it was hard to control them and I thought to myself, “you know what, this is them, this is their love and friendship with each other” and in the end I knew I’d captured it just the way it is.  It makes me laugh now just looking at them!


I knew I “had” this shot when I took it… that feeling!  Colour or B&W was my only dilemma with this one.


And to Nathan – thanks for keeping me on my toes buddy!


I am trialling some new software for displaying my images here on the blog and I would love some feedback.  It’s called Blogstomp and it easy to use and you can customise your images and group them together in no time.  I can display more images from a photo session to tell a story which is pretty cool.

Let me know what you think? Please?