Friday, August 12, 2011

Spoil Yourself

As part of my new series of blog posts I thought I would share with you some of my likes, finds and purchases!  You know, clothing, shoes, jewellery, fabric, books and even camera gear, that you come across and just can't leave the shop without or at least stop dreaming about if your budget doesn't quite stretch that far.

As some of you are aware I have managed to shed just over 18 kgs in the last few months which meant that my wardrobe needed a bit of an overhaul, I was getting sick of wearing flour sacks.  This weight loss thing is not over yet, in fact I'm only about half way to my goal weight and I won't deny it has been hard especially through the winter months having to drag my ever decreasing butt out of bed in the mornings to meet up with my personal trainer.  So I didn't want to spend a fortune on clothes in my current size so I have become a bit of a bargain hunter and every now and then I splurge particularly on something that I know is going to last the distance.

On my recent travels to Sydney I discovered a clothing label called Seed, seriously, I could have spent a fortune in this shop - the style, fabric and colours of ALL of their clothing is just me.

From casual weekend wear to something a little more dressy. 

 Even gorgeous accessories that won't break the bank.

Classical clothes that you can mix and match with what I already have and hopefully won't date too quickly.  I left with a beautiful fine knit grey jumper that has a cream layer underneath and I have worn it to death with my jeans.

The have 2 Seed stores here in Perth at Subiaco and Claremont and limited range also at all David Jones stores.  Of course you can purchase online too, which is a bonus for me living where I do.

My husband has been away for the last 2 weeks for work - the longest I think we have both been apart in our nearly 22 year marriage.  I have used this time wisely and kept myself busy with decluttering the house and packing up boxes of unwanted "stuff" collected during the last 10 years. I have cleaned out my pantry too which could be highlighted on a future post too, it's such a large pantry that it needs a post of its own.  I always need time to sit with a cuppa too and bought this book, Simple Sewn Gifts from my favourite online bookshop Fishpond so that I could plan ahead with some smaller stitching projects.  Things I could fit into a small amount of time.

I love it, there are some great gifts in here that I can use up my fabric stash on (how much fabric I really have was highlighted during my recent clean up).  Cute christmas gifts to practical shopping bags and even some embroidery projects.  Well worth the $20 investment.

With my next purchase again I didn't want to spend the earth on new bedding accessories and needed something that went with our new white quilt cover and tied in the existing chocolate wall.  Freedom was the answer for new cushions and the new European sized pillow cases came from Target.  Did you know Target now sells European pillow cases in the patterns to match their range of quilt covers too - there were some gorgeous designs and patterns available, so if you also have an existing plain coloured cover like me then tying in something different but complementary was easy!

Well that's it for this week - Next week be on the look out for some more bargain finds!


suzitee said...

I discovered Seed at Claremont Quarter a few weeks back and OH MY! Such beautiful things! I found myself wishing for another baby (well, almost LOL) just so I could shop at their baby cute!

Sharon Manning said...

Oh no! No baby for me I think I will stick to the adult range thanks Susan! LOL