Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Preview : Cheri Part 2

I shared a single preview of Cheri a couple of weeks back, but I wanted to share the real reason for the photo session.....2 beautiful horses and 2 adored dogs.  The love she has for her animals is evident with her every look and she talks to them like they are her children.  Now I have not had alot to do with horses and I was just a little anxious to be in the same fenced arena as a bucking horse but after a few stern words from Cheri they settled down pretty quickly.

Thank you Cheri for sharing your passion with me for the afternoon, a challenge nonetheless on my behalf that I managed to achieve.



Binxcat1 said...

These are beautiful... and I love the horses' halters match her dress! ;)

Lissy said...

Superb Sharon! Love the first one! that is one happy horse!