Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm back but wanted to share this quickly!

I am back from Hyden but I just wanted to share this quickly with you all.  Particularly those that participated in my workshop on the weekend and those that have in the past.

If you have an on-board flash then you can get one of these from Photojojo........

here's the blurb......

You know that folder on your desktop full of nearly awesome photos you need to touch up? The ones with red eyes, shiny foreheads, and bright overblown faces? It’s time to stop adding to it.

Slip the Pop-up Flash Bounce onto the hot shoe of your DSLR and you’ll be snapping pro-quality and shadow-free photos without hearing a chorus of “augh! My eyes!” after a blinding flash.

This smart and simple hood contains a mirror that directs the flash on your camera up, bouncing it off the ceiling to create even, natural light just like the pros do with their external flashes.

It's better than a diffuser because it bounces the light from your flash instead of just softening it.

With the Pop-up Flash Bounce you’ll finally have clear, evenly lit shots without shadows, reflections, or evil in the eyes of your friends.

Now you'll just have to figure out what to do with all the time you used to spend editing!

But click here to find out some more and be sure to take a look at the before and after shots too.

This would be great if you didn't want to fork out for a external flash but wanted to eliminate the "flash" look from your photos.....bouncing light!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip Sharon will be checking it out as soon as I get a chance. Ann S