Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can you visualise what photographs you would like on your walls?

Some people are not great at visualising how something will look.  Whilst we know what we want, sometimes it's nice to see it before we invest our hard earned dollars in it.  Whatever that "it" is. 

In my world it's photography and prints or canvases on the wall.  I know I like to surround myself with photographs and memories of my family and when I happen to pass by I quite often find myself smiling (at them).

I wanted to help my clients see beyond just the framed print on the wall and see the potential of a canvas and what the emotional impact and physical impact it would have on their lounge, family room, hallway or bedroom. 

So as part of your proof session you will now be able to do just that.  See different sized photographs and how they will look on a wall in relation to other elements your room might have.

This new (to me) tool will open up a whole realm of possibility you may not have thought of before.

A lounge area with fireplace.......

A hallway with chair......

A couch with Triptych (3 photos in a row, all the same size).....

Different sized photographs grouped together to tell a story.....

During your proof session I will assist you in designing what works for you and your decor so that you too will find yourself smiling as you pass by.

Imagine the possibilities!  I can't wait to show you!