Monday, January 31, 2011

P365 - What I've learned so far!

Well January is nearly over and I haven't missed a day yet - as time goes on it gets easier, alot easier.

I have created a separate page called "P365" and you will find it in my new top menu here.  That's if you are interested in viewing my photos taken so far.

My photos are also here at

And what's a post without a gorgeous daughters

Here's waht I have learned so far:

  • I'm having fun
  • I'm documenting the everyday - the boring and not so boring
  • I'm using my camera daily
  • I'm not complicating things - meaning I'm not after a perfect photo, I'm taking a photo so that I have a visual record
  • As time goes on I am taking fewer shots of the same thing because I'm checking the settings more often and thinking about light, angles etc.  This kinda contradicts the previous point but I can acknowledge there is a difference
  • I'm using my camera in public arenas alot more (not all the time yet - but I'm getting there)
  • I'm learning about what's important and not so important in my life
  • I haven't had to use my flash yet
  • I'm printing more photos and telling more stories (I will be back with another post about this hopefully tomorrow)
I have so much more I want to experiment with and instead of rushing into everything at once like I normally do, I am savouring this project and being more patient and forgiving of myself, which can't be a bad thing, can it? 


Tracey said...

Love this post. I did start out doing a photo a day but have decided that nearly everyday is okay and I am loving the stories that I am recording. I wished I scrapped like this years ago. Just waiting for my becky higgins project life to arrive and I am on my way.
love me :-)

Lissy said...

A great photo of your girls Sharon :)