Tuesday, January 25, 2011

M's wall of photos

I have another post half written, I just needed to take some photos so it wasn't just all words, but I will be back with that another time.

On Friday I was off to do the "weekly" food shopping and I bumped into a client who works in the centre where I shop.  M was very excited to show me some photos taken with her phone of her lounge room wall.

When I saw these they bought tears to my eyes (I was already having an emotional day so it didn't take very much).  M explained her process of getting the positioning just right by placing the frames on the floor and then on the wall and drawing with a pencil around each (clever bunny!).

This is the end result!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Just stunning.  All the photos are Black and White and what a statement it makes.....I love it.  Thank you so much M for sharing with me, it's so nice as a photographer to see your photographs enjoyed and loved.


Tracey said...

Love the photo's, great job as always Sharon.
love me :-)

Lissy said...

Looks great :)