Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Package

Sorry I haven't been back to let you know about my new limited time Photography package but I have to finalise a few details before I can release it.  Thanks for being patient!

Today I spring cleaned my office....

I re-decorated this room exactly 12 months ago (Steve was laying the flooring on Boxing Day 2009) and I honestly have changed very little - everything is where it should be all labelled and at my finger tips.  It functions as my office for my Photography business, Papercrafting space and the bench is also where I wrap my clients' prints in readiness for delivery.

It often becomes a dumping ground as it is near the entrance to the house (through the laundry) so today was spent giving everything a really good tidy up and dusting!

On the bench about the middle of this photo you will see 2 folders - these are 2 very different projects I have been working on when I have the time - hopefully I will get them to a stage to share with you all very soon.

My blog used to contain quite a bit about my papercraft projects but my photography has kind of taken over in recent times - I really do hope things will revert in the coming months as one of my New Year promises to myself is to get some more pages and projects done.  I find it very rewarding on many levels and I think I'm a better person when I get to be creative with my hands and my camera.

Thanks for stopping by - and if you have any questions at all you would like to ask me about my space or anything else for that matter, then ask away in the comments and I will reply as soon as I can.

To all the people suffering in the Queensland floods, my heart goes out to you.  We have just received some pictures of a friends house in Towoomba that has suffered badly - it is just horrendous.  Hopefully there will be some sunshine in their world very soon.


Lissy said...

well my spring cleaning isnt pregressing so well!

Judy said...


Cindy said...

Love your room Sharon, its a crack up how similar we are with our furniture! :) Cindy xx