Monday, May 24, 2010

Wedding Preview : Sandra & Vic

Before I get to Sandra and Vic's wedding preview, I wanted to wish Tomorrow's Memories a very Happy 6th Birthday! Unfortunately I was sick on Saturday and missed out on attending the 12 hour crop and Australia's Biggest Morning Tea - I was so looking forward to it and I was showered and dressed ready to go but my stomach had other ideas! I slept most of the day knowing I had Sandra and Vic's wedding to shoot on Sunday. I believe everything went off without a hitch and lots of money was raised for the Cancer Council. Congratulations ladies!

Sunday morning I was all set to leave home for the wedding shoot and my car would not start so I ended up taking Steve's work ute and still arrived on time around 30 mins before the ceremony.

Sandra and Vic were married on 23rd May last year at Sitella's Winery in the Swan Valley with immediate friends and family in attendance. I was fortunate enough to photograph this intimate wedding on a very wet and windy day. Sandra and Vic decided that they wanted to do it all again with extended family and friends exactly 12 months to the day, yesterday. The weather was not kind again and we were presented with a wet and windy day, but it certainly didn't dampen the celebrations. I'm not sure that photographers get to photograph a wedding twice but I did and whilst a unique experience I think yesterday was certainly a very special day.

So here are just a couple I have managed to edit this morning - there are many more to come.

I love this series of photos..... very special moments....

Some alone time - well just the three of us!

We were taking some family group photos inside and this little guy didn't really want to have his photo taken - I think he was just a little overwhlemed with all the people and attention. I grabbed this one as he was carried away, I just love the intent look on his face as his Dad (?) is whispering in his ear....

Thank you Sandra and Vic for allowing me to capture your special day with family and friends. Off to get some more editing done!


Mistra Hoolahan said...

Stunning Sharon... as always, you have such a wonderful natural talent!!

Lissy said...

Fabulous as always Sharon!

Jenny said...

Gorgeous photo's Sharon, such a beautiful couple they are too! I know how thrilled they are going to be with their photos ;0)!