Monday, May 10, 2010

Product Preview : Hard cover coffee table books

I collected our mail today to find a card for a parcel - I got a little excited! I designed and ordered a hard cover coffee table book a couple of weeks ago, one that I could use to show clients as an option for their photos. It had arrived and there I was in the carpark opening it on the bonnet of my car as I couldn't wait to get home to see it! I used Jon & Danneeka's Wedding to showcase this product and what a quality product it is. I love the idea of a coffee table book to show off your special photos, wedding photos or just because. I know over the years we have dragged out our own wedding album and family albums just a handful of times, whereas I think if this beautiful book sat on our coffee table then I would perhaps look at it more often......ok I would definitely look at it more often. I would have 2 copies - one placed away for keeping and one out on show. They would make wonderful presents for parents and family.

I have had the A4 landscape version printed which measures 27.5cm x 21cm. Other sizes are also available from a small fun version 21cm x 21cm to a large landscape size which measures 42cm x 29cm. Covers come with or without photos, words/text can be added anywhere throughout the book.
If you have had a photoshoot done in the past with me and would like to order one of these gorgeous hard cover books, then please email me for prices. They are produced here in Western Australia using quality products and turn around is approximately 2-3 weeks.
I can't wait to offer these to my clients!


Jenny said...

Oh my gosh Sharon could I love you any more at the moment!!! I must have one! Deekie and John have been pouring over their photos to decide which ones they want in their album but I am sure they are going to want one of these too! will email you tonight - hugs!!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

that is just gorgeous sharon.