Monday, November 9, 2009

Another family sneak peek! Just one more to go.

The Nicholl family were alot of fun to photograph and thanks to Dad (and the kids) for holding my "shade" when needed.

This first one of the whole family was taken at the Salt Lake near Wave Rock. Great location and we even got everyones shoes and socks off! I love this photo - even though not one of them is looking at me it speaks volumes about this family.

And big brother was a joy to photograph - he has the same colouring as my eldest daughter so late afternoon sun on this child = heaven.

This little princess was nearly always smiling particularly when her brothers were acting up behind me!

And lastly, little brother - well what can one say - I think this photo says it all!

Oh sorry just one more of Mum and Dad - mmmm - the love this man has for this woman - I cannot put into words......look for yourself.....

Thank you to the Nicholl family - Your proofs are in the mail!


Lissy said...

Superb Sharon...and Chrissie you are looking great :)

Condi Scrappers said...

Lovely photos of this family!
Linda Styles

Jenny said...

Great photos!, lovely to meet another blogger from WA!! Do you do weddings?

Tracey said...

Hi Sharon,
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such lovely comments.
As I said I am both excited and anxious about high school but really think its time for Alex. So fingers crossed that all goes well over the next few years LOL.
Send my good wishes for the TEE.
love me :-)