Monday, October 5, 2009


On Saturday afternoon I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Meredith. What a gorgeous person inside and out you are sweet lady! I think we could have chatted all afternoon over the cuppa and pastries you so kindly provided.

Just a sneak peek for you! There are many to choose from but here are just a handful of my favourites.

This next one I love!

When I first opened up this photo of you and your son I jumped with excitement - very special indeed.

Oh I hope you like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good morning Sharon … WOW!!! They’re gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! Thank you  I actually look OK …albeit overweight …which you can no doubt fix with Photoshop!   Does this cost extra? Maybe you could charge a levy of $5 per kilo!!! You’d make a fortune with me!!!!! LOL

I can hardly wait to see the rest of the photos Sharon … and thank you so much for your lovely comments …although I think you’ve got me mixed up with someone else!! LOL! You’re a sweetie.
Take care Sharon
luv and hugs
Meredith xoxoxo

Lissy said...

Gorgeous :)

Vicki said...

Bet it was a fun filled session with Meredith...the photos are fantastic. We had a very relaxing holiday and I am still managing to walk slowly!!!! Hope to see you soon....Vicki xxx