Thursday, September 3, 2009

Plenty to share

My gorgeous husband bought me these today !
- he knows I love daffodils and it has become a little tradition that he buys me a bunch around's also a signal that spring is not hat far away - thank goodness - I'm over winter! The sunshine just makes you feel so much better than dreary rain and grey skies. I think this winter has also been colder than the last few years and for some reason I cannot seem to get warm at the moment. I'm constantly carrying around one of those wheat heat packs. But my daffodils are certainly "warming" up my studio today.

Some happy mail! From my last post these stunning fabrics

arrived in the mail yesterday from "Of Paper and Thread".
They are earmarked for 2 special projects that I would like for my kitchen. So more to come on these....visit Danielle Smeets here and here.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I have been struggling with my creativity lately so I decided to enrol in this online workshop with Cathy Zielski titled "Me the abridged version" - for two reasons really - firstly to try and get my "mojo" back and secondly because during my "thinking" time the other day I realised the obvious "I don't really scrap about me". Not only that - I'm usually the one behind the camera and I'd like to leave just a little something for my kids to remind them of, well, ME! I know this is something that alot of us "scrappers", "artists", "authors" (call yourself what you will), don't do and consciously make an effort to include ourselves in a few pages every now and then. I'm not one to really talk about myself and when I do it's in a private journal that only I read. My family knows it exists and it certainly doesn't include any photos of me, so this is something I'm really going to try and tackle with a little trepidation and also excitement, creative excitement. Wish me luck!

On the same note of creativity - I threw all pre-conceived ideas out the window about what I wanted to do with a re-cycled canvas that has been floating around my studio for the last couple of weeks. Thank you to Lis and Gayle for their support too on my "Lost" post :-) It's still a work in progress that I hope to finish off very soon - very technique based and a little bit eclectic, it was like I was trying to purge my mind of everything that was blocking it by throwing it down on the canvas - ha! sounds like therapy! Not sure if it's what I had in mind at the beginning of the journey but hey it's something and it has made me feel a little better. At the end of the day isn't that what "ART" is supposed to do?
Another special thing to look forward to, Steve and I will have been married for 20 years this year and we have decided to treat ourselves to a holiday to here later in the year. Just him and me! The two of us for 12 days and 11 nights - I cannot explain how much I'm looking forward to this holiday! Our very own 1 bedroom villa with our own pool, treatment gazebo, chef if we want it, aaaaahhhhhhh (insert very big humungous sigh).

Enjoy Friday and the weekend and hopefully I will be back very soon.


Lissy said...

20 years....blimey :) All looks good to me :) And i look forward to seeing the creation!

Anonymous said...

I know I have already said it but your trip looks like it is going to be bliss!

Cant wait to see what you create.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Rachie :o)

Karen said...

Sharon, you are an amazing, beautiful, talented and clever woman. Dont ever doubt yourself or be scared to share yourself with others. We love you!