Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What a weekend!

Wow! Where do I start? I’m not sure that my brain is functioning normally yet but I will give it a go. The “weekend” started last Wednesday when Steve and I picked Judy up from the airport and went in search of a “good” coffee and workshop supplies.

Thursday morning after dropping the kids at school we headed once again to Midland to get some supplies and “good” coffee. Home by 10.30am and we had a visit from Lis and M which was lovely to stop and have a chat for a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine on the balcony.

The afternoon was spent organising what else we needed and a quick trip to Joondalup for more supplies.

Friday morning we ventured all the way out to Welshpool (after a coffee stop at Charlies – we hit gold here – GOOD COFFEE) in search of a new tool that was going to make Judy’s life a little easier in the world of book binding – the likes of which I will leave to Judy to explain.

We then met some lovely ladies (Kelsey, Viv, Audrey and Maxine) for lunch at Hillary’s boat harbour and had some great discussions about life, universe and everything, including letting your "neatness" go - I may have to come see you Viv about this one! Thanks ladies for your company, it was great to sit down for a couple of hours and enjoy some good food and have a good old chin wag. A quick stop for some more supplies and home to set up and finish off some last minute preparations.

Saturday morning the Workshop commenced and it was very encouraging to hear all the ooo’s and aahhh’s from the ladies once they actually laid eyes on the project we were about to create. After some introductions everyone got stuck into creating and getting our hands very dirty (hey Mistra!). Here are some photos from the weekend!

One of the many demonstrations done over the weekend by Judy.

Close up of one of Judy's techniques.
All of us - L to R Me, Dom, Jo (hiding!), Claudia, Judy, Robyn, Mandy, Mistra, Valerie and Lisa.
(If you have a blog and I've missed it here - please leave a comment and I will add it in)
You can see some more photos here.

The ladies were a great bunch and we even had Claudia fly in from Melbourne and I’m sure she was very thankful she did. My gorgeous husband Steve took care of all the food for the weekend (amongst a lot of other jobs) which was a great hit with everyone (they want to clone him and take him home!). Seriously, though, the weekend would not have happened as smoothly if it wasn’t for him – he made my life and I think everyone’s life that much easier – THANK YOU!

Judy is an amazing teacher and very sharing with her techniques and tips about how to get the best out of the materials we were using. THANK YOU Judy for putting your heart and soul into making the workshop a success. Hopefully we can do this again in the near future. Judy has several workshops happening in Australia and overseas in the coming months so please check them out at her blog and book in for one - you won't regret it.

My children need to be thanked too – their lives were disrupted as little as possible during the last week but having the workshop at home certainly altered their routines a little. Thank you for your help and patience girls!

Finally to the ladies that attended - Mistra, Valerie, Jo, Robyn, Lisa, Mandy, Claudia and Dominique – Thank you for being such lovely ladies and I’m sure you will agree that the weekend was an experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

If you would like to share your creations or see what the girls have done you can join us on my Messageboard here, where you can post images and generally chat about the workshop. I have also set up a resources section which you can add to and help others with places to get materials etc.

On Monday (after a little sleep in) we visited Mainly Books on Bulwer Street in Northbridge and I can tell you that Judy definitely went home overweight – luggage overweight! She had to re-pack her hand luggage in the coffee shop - very funny. Here is just some of her stash she found – Thanks Lisa and Mandy!

We called in to see Jo at Artistic Journey and return her metal alphabet stamps. Thanks Jo for opening up the shop for us!

Judy’s 4.15pm flight had been delayed until 11.55pm so we headed home after squishing the kids, school bags, Judy’s luggage and of course her newly acquired goodies into my little Mazda 3 to have some dinner and some well earned relaxation.

Steve took Judy back to the airport last night and I fell into bed exhausted! See I told you the girls wanted to clone him.
Well I'm sure there is more I can share but my brain needs a little holiday at the moment so I will be back with some more show and tell very soon.


Lissy said...

Glad all went well :)

vivian said...

sounds exhausting but wonderful at the same time! and you are always welcome at any of my workshops sharon ;)

Vicki said...

Great to hear that the weekend was successful! Enjoy the quiet now, and slow down a little!!! Vicki xx