Wednesday, February 27, 2008


6.54am Wednesday 27th Feb 2008
We live in a magical place in this world!


Jo Kay said...

Wasn't it magnificant! Phil took a similar photo from our verandah at about the same time this morning - not as spectacular a picture of course, but beautiful none the less!
Moments like these kind of put everything in perspective don't they!!
Have a great day Sharon.

Lissy said...

Amazingly I was actually still in bed!

Some great photos Sharon and looks like the scrap day was a success :)

Alli said...

just gorgeous Sharon, you have the best view up there

Jenny said...

I cant beleive how beautiful your "view"is and you know what I love the fact that you dont take it for granted either. (seeing it every day I mean)

The Sneek Peaks look really interestig xxx

I am going to try and go to the one at the end of the year!!!!

Luv JEn PS (Mums pressie is looking good xxx)

M.KATE said...

absolutely, fantastic picture! Well said: we do live in a magical place, tks for sharing :)

Pearl Maple said...

That is an amazing photo, we are so lucky to have light shows like this in our very own back yard.

You have been posting some wonderful pages lately all full of happy colors and thoughts.