Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Australia Day!!!!!!!!!!

I went shopping with the girls yesterday and we were commenting on how many people had those Aussie car flags stuck to the windows, boots, trailers just about anywhere you could put one we saw it......until today! Steve and I went out today down to Fremantle for some lunch at the famous Cicerellos.....Yum!

On the way home we came across this fellow! As we approached him Steve said quick grab the camera and take a shot of this guy.......

As I hung out the window with the camera he smiled obligingly...This guy was not to be outdone by the car owners with windows from which to attach his flags...ROFL....note the Gaffa tape holding them on....classic!!!!! Maybe next year he will set up a stall selling ones for motorcycle helmets!
I went to Tomorrow's Memories last night for the Moonlight Scrap - Can't show you what I was working on just yet but hopefully very soon. I had a ball, I just worked on something for me - went totally unprepared, bought what I needed when I got there and focussed for nearly 4 hours on me.....felt good!
I have been asked to teach again at the Scrappin' Outback 6th Wave Rock Scrapbooking Retreat which is being held on the 28th - 30th of March 2008 in Hyden, if you are interested in attending this fabulous weekend then please contact Karen via her blog. She is making final arrangements this week and hopefully forms for registrations will go out by next Sunday. This event is always lots of laughs and the girls that attend are some of the nicest people you would want to meet and make us all feel so welcome.
Take care and I hope you are enjoying the long weekend with family and friends!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharron, I went to Tomorrows Memories for the first time today, what a gorgeous little shop. I will have to go to one of the moonlight nights myself!. Also the retreat sounds great! Charlene Camilleri

Jenny said...

Oh la la ... you did something for yourself (bit selfish!) ha ha ha..

The photo of the motor bike guy is great!

Have a wonderful week -I'm spending it like others - getting my kids ready to go back to school

Luv Jen xxx

Melissa Goodsell said...

LOL at the guy on the motorbike...he looks rather chirpy!
It sounds like you are keeping busy.
P.S. Yep, the back of the bathmat was made with towelling.