Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas is Wrapped!

Well another Christmas is over. I was up first on Christmas morning at about 6.30am had a cuppa and then woke the kids at about 7am. Of course the presents were over and done with so quickly even though we each took turns at opening a present one by one. The girls’ got a couple of main presents this year and then things like new beach towels, pj’s etc. We got Renae a pancake hot plate which is fantastic! Here’s breakfast….

Gemma got a hair dryer so she doesn’t have to borrow mine or Renae’s now…and an iDog in a little carry bag that one was a surprise…..

She has been hounding (no pun intended) for a dog for ages so now she has one, just not a real one!

It was a stinker of a day here weather wise – 42 degrees easily up where we live. We just relaxed and had a cold Christmas lunch on the verandah and then headed back inside to the Air-con for our mandatory afternoon sleep. A family photo – very rare – I set the self timer so not the best of photos but at least we have one.

Boxing Day was great fun. We had some friends visit in the morning and then at 3.10pm we were getting ready to leave the house to go to our friends place around the corner and we lost power! Yay. Ok so we thought maybe a few hours and it would be back on. Off to our friends’ and we had a fantastic time although it was a stinker of a day – about 46 degrees up here. We filled our plastic glasses and then alternated between the pool and the spa all afternoon – we had one game of Bowling on their new Wii and just about expired so it was back in the pool/spa. Some photos from the day.....

We got home that evening around 10.30pm to a very hot house! Still no power Aaarrrggghhh.
About 4am Steve transferred the contents of our freezer to the car freezer and hooked up the generator in the shed....we couldn't even shower as we are not on mains and need power to run the pump on the water tank! We rang Western Power and were told it would be restored by 1.30pm - we were a bit worried about the contents of the fridge too by then. About 12.30pm we regained power and everything went back to normal although it took some time for the house to cool off again. Needless to say our claim form is in! Don't know how far we will get.
I have never been that hot before in my life!!!!!
Anway I have to drop girls to movies etc today so I might check out the sales if it's not too busy...wish me luck!


Hannah said...

Wow, that sounds like a very HOT Christmas!! Not sure I could handle 46 degree heat ... no wonder you were all in the pool most of the day! You'd need a pool in that kind of weather. Bummer about your power cut, that's a real pain and not something you want to deal with in the hols. Hope things are all COOL again now! :-) Merry Christmas!

Jenny said...

Ooooo Breakfast looked yummy... I love the family photo (I need to work out my timer!)

I love the way you have done your photo collage you clever duck!

I just cant imagine how hot you were, we were all winghing about how hot it was and our air con was on and like you say your about 3 degrees hotter where you are.

Yeah hope you had fun shopping,we went as well to Joondalup with every one else I think !!!

Cath said...

Breakfast does look yummy I can almost taste it!! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas Sharon.

Lissy said...

Great family pic :)

I am wondering how much of Perth was actually without power....seems like a lot...pretty hopeless of Western Power!

Thank goodness for pools!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas - even though it was a hot one. I love looking at this blog and catching up with your life this way! One day hopefully we will catch up in "person"... Anyway take care and Happy New Year. Love Pauline