Monday, November 19, 2007

Weekend over!

The more I get organised for Christmas the happier I am. I’m nearly there, I just have a few presents left to get and of course the food bits and we are done.

I didn't get any craft done this weekend but I did take the girls and Renae’s boyfriend on a photo shoot yesterday, we had a ball. Here is one of my favourites –
Renae doesn't like having her photo taken, but having her boyfriend there helped make her laugh and loosen up a little. There are some amazing shots of them both that I am still processing along with some of Gemma too. I think I shot something like 500 photos. You can see some more here if you like.

I must start to write down what I want to blog about because I'm sure there was more I wanted to share. Oh well it may come to me during the day (or night)....have a great week!


Hannah said...

Good on you, getting things organised so early! I'm like you, I feel happier the more organised I get. It's a case of being able to relax and really enjoy the lead-up to Christmas WITHOUT the stress. Definitely worth making the effort ahead of time!

Great photo - she looks very relaxed and happy!

nikala o'brien said...

Hi Sharon,
I went lens shopping - looking last saturday and as I mentioned, I want to upgrade my lens and I'm thinking of selling my 17 to 85 mm. Would you be interested in a second hand one. It's a little over 12 months old.

Tracey Bower said...

Hi Sharon,
Gorgeous photos your have been taken and what gorgeous Daughters you have, you must be very proud of them.