Friday, November 16, 2007

I'm back so this is a long one...

OK I think I have everything else under control now, although I have a million and one things I want to do and not enough time.

I am working on a couple of things at once and have several ideas that I want to make a reality in the coming weeks, but with end of year school activities, exams, dance concerts, awards nights, etc etc etc well my chances of that happening is next to nothing!

Last Sunday I had a stall at the Subiaco Craft Fair selling my kits amongst other Scrapbooking items, I even had some of Lis’ Keepsake Tins on sale (which are still available through Lis if you would like some).

Steve made me an amazing sign with my website address and flourish on it, you can see it at the back of the stall in the photo. The girls were a great help setting up and serving and also packing up afterwards. The day was extremely hot, about 39 degrees but there was still a great turn out of people. My main aim was some exposure for my website, which I think I achieved…..time will tell.

Speaking of the website….I have run a competition over the last 2 weeks to win a copy of Ali Edwards’ new book “Life Artist”, I love this book and have written a small review here. The draw was yesterday and the lucky winner was Jen….congratulations Jen!!!! Hopefully you will love this book too!

I have some exciting things planned for the New Year at my website that hopefully will inspire you all to “Share your creative knowledge”…..great segway (SP?)….look what came in the mail for me last week. Steve didn't quite understand the word "share", I got a funny look!

Just in case I forget my initials!

I ordered these on Ebay here and they are very good quality and you can have whatever word you like for $8.95 per letter plus postage.

I have been doing a lot of organising for Christmas and the shops are definitely hotting up. It was like a Saturday morning at the shopping centre yesterday. I’m nearly finished….just a couple more presents to go. I asked Santa (aka Steve) for one of these…

I got a “Maybe”!

Today is Judy’s birthday and I would like to wish her a very special day and all the happiness in the world…..I know the best present of all is arriving in 2 weeks…..Michael!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took Gemma over the road last night to a vacant block for a photo shoot to practice using the different settings on my camera….here’s one shot (my favourite and if you know Gemma then you will know that this photo is sooooo her!)

but you can see some more here. I'm loving my photography at the moment, I can't get enough and love seeing the results.

Ok I know it’s a long post and I have some more to share but I will save that til next time….Have a great weekend everyone.


Hannah said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you have been really busy, with more busy-ness to come. The stall looks great, I hope it gave you the exposure you were after :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon! Your stall looks fabulous! Hey, is that lens the 17-85mm? I just got a new Canon 400D with that lens from a great ebay store. Email me if you need more info.

Megan said...

Hi Sharon,

Well you have lots to tell don't you?! Sounds like things have been busy there which is always exciting and exhausting all at once.

I hope Santa Steve comes through withe the goods and you can get your lens :-)

Megan xx

Lissy said...

oh I would love a new lens but my camera has died I fear...sahll go adn see tomrow :(
Great pic of will be able to take some new born ones tell Santa you need an early present!!