Monday, November 26, 2007

Trimming the tree....done

The girls trimmed the tree yesterday and they did a great job.....I wanted it to be just green and red this year with all my new decorations but Gemma had to add her "Singing Bauble" and of course it is silver. I have bitten my tongue and shelved my desire to have a perfect tree and have promised not to remove it. Steve you should be proud of me!


Hannah said...

Looks gorgeous, Sharon!! The girls did a wonderful job of it.

We will be putting ours up on Saturday (1 Dec). I'm a lot like you ... my decorations are all red & gold, but I have to bite my tongue and let the boys add their "creations" that they made at school or preschool (inevitably in colours that don't match)!

My sister has a blue & silver theme, it looks so gorgeous! I want to copy her but can't justify buying all new decorations after years of collecting red & gold ones! LOL

Lissy said...

Looks great Sharon...singing bauble and all :)