Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm Back...I think!

Well I got home from Hyden on Sunday afternoon about 5.30 and we all had a wonderful time. I taught 2 classes, one Saturday morning and one Sunday morning (no sleep ins for me!!!), both were a success with the lovely ladies producing some fantastic work.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching at the Outback Scrappin retreats, things are very relaxed and as a Tutor we don’t have to lift a finger really, Karen looks after us so well. Thanks Karen!
This time we had a change of venue and I think everyone agreed that it was for the better. We had the whole Town Hall to ourselves, plenty of space to spread out and also heaps of natural light during the day. The food was sensational with Karen’s husband cooking for us on Friday night, morning teas from the bakery and lunches prepared by the CWA ladies – YUM. Dinner Saturday night was at the Karlgarin Country Club and the Reef and Beef was to die for. The best steak I’ve had for a long time. We stayed out at the Wave Rock Resort in a 2 bedroom chalet and it was very comfortable.

Back to reality and I decided to start cleaning out my scrap room on Monday, and I mean clean out – completely…..I was struggling for room and one thing lead to another and suddenly yesterday I found myself at Ikea purchasing new furniture for my room. This morning my fingers hurt from putting together the items that I bought. Today I’ve been to get some plastic crates to store some more stuff from my room so that I can free up some more space. I will take some photos in the next day or so and post on the Messageboard at my website for all to see.

Next project – working on some layouts and ideas for our local Playgroup for Christmas gift ideas. (not that I attend, my girls are 15 and 13!) Once I get my room back together that is.

I had a meeting today about some things I have in the pipeline….more to come once the details are finalised!

Well I had better get back to the sorting! Don't forget to post a comment girls!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gayle Smith said...

hehehe...I have been stalking your blog waiting for a retreat
No layouts though????
Thanks for your comment on my blog..yep I did get a few LOs done cool...can't wait til March now so I can get another heap done.

Lissy said...

Makes me tired just reading about all that work reorganising! YAY!!! The retreat photos....super duper :) Chat soon - Lis

Hannah said...

I'm glad the retreat went so well, it sounds awesome! Especially the sound of all that delicious food! LOL.

I will have to remember to check out the photos of your new scrap space on your website. I bet it looks amazing!

Christine said...

The Retreat sounded good, you are a busy lady! Looking forward to seeing photos of you scrap room.

Hannah said...

OMG Sharon, your RAK arrived today!! WOW!! I'm totally blown away with your generosity, everything is just gorgeous and I feel totally unworthy of receiving it! But it really made my day. I've written about it and posted a photo on my blog :-)

Thanks once again, you are soooo kind!

Megan said...

Your retreat sounds like so much fun Sharon - I've been waiting for you to put some photos up!

I hope everything with the website is coming along well too :-)

Megan xx

Rach Wyndham said...

You have been so busy!

Can wait to see how your room looks.

Have a wonderful weekend.