Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sunday today...........

The girls have exams in a couple of weeks so I have been helping them both today with their studies. I have mapped out a study schedule for them both so that they can cover all the work they need to before sitting the exams. I have fed and watered them all day long! Just like my Mum used to do for me.
Here they are hitting the books!
At one stage they were both needing help at the same time, I told them I was going to install a ticket machine (like the Woolies Deli counter) on my scrap room door!!!!!!!!!

Anyway I got to do some scrapping this afternoon and have completed another layout of me for my album......I know it looks like I have 2 black eyes, but I don't! I assure you the layout is straight IRL too. Love the crochet doilies too, Steve got these for me in Albany last time he was there, co-incidentally, he left for Albany again today!

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Lissy said...

Good mum you are :)

Very cute photo of you :) Nice layout! You are good at vintage stuff :)

Hannah said...

Gorgeous layout, I love the lace!!

What a great mum you are, helping your girls with their schedules. Study is very important and it's great that you are so supportive of them both. They'll thank you for it!

Judy said...

Great photo and lo. Yes they may thank you for studying help but not before they tell you that you are such a strict mother - like mine do - lol!!!