Monday, May 28, 2007

Everyday stuff

Alot of my scrapping friends are so good at capturing the everyday stuff that it has got me thinking that perhaps I don't do enough of this. I know I personally don't remember alot from my childhood and teens (even though my brother has reminded me alot lately!) so I thought it about time I started scrapping some not-so-important moments in our lives. Now I have to learn to sneak up on the girls as they are not always co-operative when having their photo taken. I know you have seen this photo only yesterday here on my blog, but Renae had such a difficult week last week that maybe in time she will look back and think "What was all the fuss about"......maybe! So here is an everyday moment layout completed this morning. I need to thank Lis for the inspiration and starting point on this layout too......see her layout titled "Saturday Morning Cartoons" on her blog!

Well that's it for this semi-sunny Monday......thanks for visiting!


Hannah said...

Awesome! I'm sure she will do JUST that - look back and wonder why she was so stressed or worried. I've been there and done that! So your pages are going to be wonderful for her to look back on and see how much she's grown.

Lissy said...

Great page Sharon :) I do all the everyday stuff just for that reason...I cannot remember much of my childhood and teenage years...not any I want to preserve those things for E :)

Alli said...

same thing Lissy said Sharon gorgeous!! I remember nothing so mine are all everyday stuff too