Thursday, February 15, 2007

Special Guests

Well if you blog hop then you would already know who came to visit me yesterday. Lis and Alli came all the way out to Bullsbrook with a packed lunch and a water bag to come visit me and see my special view. We chatted about life the universe and everything (well almost everything) and then went down to Ellenbrook to The Scrapbook Shop and of course had to eat so we walked over to Oscars and enjoyed a lovely meal (with lots of lettuce).

We all agreed that it was a lovely way to spend the day and we should do it more often. Let's hope this happens becasue I had a great day with some special friends.

Back to work today, just working on some planning for some new layouts in between hanging the washing, putting away washing, putting the bins out, sorting dinner etc etc etc. You know how it is!

Til next time take care!


Rach Wyndham said...

Everything you need for a wonderful day!

Housework gets in the way of scrapping doesnt it? lol

Megan said...

Sharon you just have to MAKE SURE you do it more often, and not just talk about it!! It sounds like you all had a lovely day :-)

Megan xx