Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A bit about everything and lots about nothing!

This post is quite disjointed actually!

I am very uninspired at the moment, not necessarily work wise but life wise. I don’t like the down process one has to go through before you see light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I could skip that bit, it does no good to anyone, but then again maybe it’s part of the process you have to go through before the light blinds you.

Anyway, life throws you a curve ball every now and then; I guess it’s how you handle it as to the outcome. Talking double Dutch I know. Sorry I will stop now.

We all need stuff don’t we? So if you are a scrapbooker then you need things like cardstock, paper, and embellishments of every sort! This can become an addiction for many, if not all of us. Then of course the dilemma comes “what do we store all this stuff in?” There are so many products on the market whether they are specifically for Scrapbooking or just storage containers you find at your local hardware store. As you can see from my stuff it is stored in various container types, from white plastic boxes to vertical storage to a fabulous home made (by my very talented husband) cardstock box. Over the years I have tried several different solutions and as my stuff has grown I have had to re-think this many times. I guess you could call me an addict to storage solutions! I am yet to find a product that covers it all and better yet is colour co-ordinated. If you know of one then please let me know. I think this will be an eternal search.

I am doing Nic Finlayson’s Sheer Delight online class with Scrap to the Max tonight, looking forward to that very much. Dinner is organised and the kids don’t have anything after school today so I’m all set. I will share my layout with you when it’s done, so stay tuned. In the next few months Nic is also running some online classes of her own cleverly called Stitch-a-licious. Check them out!

I am still working on the album with Judy and as she mentioned on her blog we would love to share some of our creations but it is a bit of a privacy issue, which is fair enough too. It’s only a week til Judy comes to visit us, Steve still has not met her IRL even though he speaks to her nearly every day. We are having Michael stay with us too for a night and look forward to meeting him and Steve has so many questions for you so be prepared Michael. I am really looking forward to the Artistic Journey Retreat, spending some social time with Judy and doing Michael’s shoe shrine class. That reminds me I have to find a shoe!
Good Sammy’s I think, they should have what I’m looking for.
Til next time take care!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon - I've been checking out this "blog" since you sent me the email with the address!! Its Good Stuff!!! I especially love seeing the pics of yourself and the girls (what about Steve?) One day we will get to catch up, but until then - Keep it up!!!
From a "ver old" friend Pauline

Lissy said...

I am feeling blah and uninspired too :) but as you say it does pass!!

WOudl love to be doing Nic's class...should have booked in but forgot :(

I agree about the storage...something coordinated and perfect...lol...wishful thinking!!

Blimey one week eh! Looking forward to seeing you too Judy :)

Jenny said...

Hi Sharon,
How lucky you are to have Michael stay at your place the night! I thought you would have all the questions not Steve.

Just a thought..... If we didnt have the blah, yuk part, the light wouldnt look as bright when it does come to us and we wouldnt appreciate it as much.

Not long and your "partner in crime" will be there... I'm sure she is a "fluro" light unto herself! LOL!

Cheers...Luv Jen xxx

deMeng said...

Hi Sharon,

Looking forward to meeting you and Steve...very nice of you to put up a traveling Yank. As for Steve's questions...bring 'em on. If I don't know the answer...I'll make up something seemingly intellectual, and at the very least, amusing. I've heard some much about you from Judy and can't wait the meet in person. See you soon.

cheers (as you Aussies like to say)

Michael deMeng