Monday, January 29, 2007

View from my balcony

This is the current view from my balcony. Still it is a long way away from us and have been keeping an eye on it for the last few days. But today is the worst it has been. As I type I can hear the helitankers going over.
In another fire down on the flats from us some people have lost their house. Hot windy conditions make me nervous so I am loathed to go too far from home at the moment.
We nearly lost our house 4 years ago and were evacuated at the last minute. Thanks to the volunteer firemen in our area we were extremely lucky.
I really don't like this time of the year!
Bye for now.


Kim G said...

Ouch Sharon, that would be just a bit close for comfort for me too! I hope the weather cools off a bit for you so they can get the fires under control.

Enjoy your 'Me' time tomorrow when the girls go back to school :)