Wednesday, January 31, 2007

School is back!

Well school is back. I am a little apprehensive this year because Gemma is starting year 8. She will either sink or swim. I remember when Renae was in year 8 (starting Year 10 today) her workload was huge and I'm just not sure how Gemma will cope with it all. Time will tell.

Renae was great with her this morning though telling her if she needed her then she would be around at recess and lunch to answer Gemma's questions.

Also a big day for Renae as she had her braces off yesterday and goes back this afternoon to get her retainers. She was so funny yesterday, she kept running her tongue over her teeth all day. Below is a close up of her gorgeous smile now. I think I will be filling the camera with her now because she wants to smile for me now!

Having them off was not the most pleasant thing to have to do and I was very proud of her and she hates having the moulds done (just like her Mum). But that's all over now............YAY........just got to finish paying them off now.

I hope mothers today cope well with their kids going back to school and we all get some scrapping done!

Chat soon.


Kim G said...

Wow Sharon Renae looks gorgeous without her braces and they both look so happy :)

Good luck with the scrapping!

Megan said...

Sharon I remember doing the same thing when I got my braces off!! And it was so weird to brush them, because the toothbrush just seemed to slide everywhere and not get stuck on the big metal bits lol.

She just looks beautiful!

Megan xx

Lissy said...

Just thinking of how much Renae looks like her mum!! Braces off - YAY!!!!

Great photos - hope they have a good day :)

Anonymous said...

It must be so different without her braces, she looked lovely in her uniform for school.

I love you layout hanging out with Dad, just simply stunning.

Have a wonderful Week Sharon.

Best Wishes

Chris Millar said...

Hi Sharon! Your girls are both beautiful and look wonderful in their uniforms. I remember that wonderful feeling of having my braces off!! Gorgeous layouts on your blog too!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mum
Its Renae
Thanxs for Putting those photos up :P
My Braces are off Finally
Love You very much
Love Renae