Friday, January 19, 2007

iPod Family

We are officially an iPod family! Yes every member of my family now has an iPod. I love this little piece of technology and let's face it they are getting smaller and smaller! Music has always had a place in my daily routine even if it is only listening to the radio in the car on the way to drop the girls at school. But now I have this "very thin" silver wafer of technology, I'm hooked. I love it. I bought myself some new ear phones that slip right in your ear and it blocks out alot of the background noise!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately including the telephone when it rings, luckily it has a red light on it when it flashes.

What am I listening to???? Ronan Keating - Bring you home, there is one song on this album that brings me to tears - "This I promise you". Have you listened to it? Make sure you have the kleenex standing by!

My music library is varied ( "all over the shop. more like it" according to DH ) from ACDC, The Corrs, Human Nature, Dixie Chicks, Rob Thomas, Creedance Clearwater Revival (for those that remember) whatever takes my fancy really.

Ok I'm off to find the kleenex!


Rachie said...

Ok I am sure this looked different yesterday when I took a peek?!

So glad you joined the bloggin' world, now I dont have to wait till I get to spend a few days a year with you to find out how you and yours are :)

P.S Still think you are amazing for helping organising the Wedding!

Megan said...

Hey Sharon!!!

I popped into Rachie's blog and saw her announcement regarding your blog!! Welcome to Blogland!

Oh and I just love Creedance...such great music. Enjoy your iPod!

Megan xx

Veronica Weissflog said...

Hi Sharon,

I lurk on Rachies blog but am a fellow west aussie! On Friday night i was lying in bed crying whilst listening to that whole album on my mp3.... I too get the words - just beautiful.

Nice blog!

Karen Ridgeway said...

Hi Sharon - thanks so much for visiting my blog, and for your lovely comments on my work and classes, you are so sweet!!! :o))))

I would love to have you in a class sometime are most welcome! If you ever want to try one out, just give me a holler :oD

Music, yes, I am the same in regards to tastes, but I don't have an iPod so I blast it on our big stereo...everyday too, like you...LOVE day just isn't complete without it!

I love your blog Sharon...I have added you to my Bloglines feeds so I can check in on you and say hi :o))))


Love Karen xoxoxo