Monday, January 15, 2007

2007 is here

Well after a well earned holiday in Sydney for 3 weeks with my family, I am back in the land of the living and 40 degree days! YUK!

I have had a mental block for the last few weeks (well months really) and haven't had the inclination to scrap anything. Quite sad really. Maybe doing so many albums back to back for clients meant I just needed a rest.

But, on Friday I scrapped all day even though I still hadn't touched the house since we got back from holidays over a week ago. I went to turn on a powerpoint the other day and was overcome by daddy long legs and their think I need to do any housework??????

Too bad, I was in the mood for scrapping so that is what I did. Here is the outcome.......

On the 9th December my best friends fiancee was having a 40th Birthday party for himself, and unbeknown to my best friend he had arranged for a celebrant to come and marry them. I was privvy to the secret and arranged flowers, made a stunning cake, had bubbles for the guests to blow as they said "I do", I was the photographer, arranged champagne for the toast, etc etc. Well the bride was told about an hour prior to the ceremony, just as I arrived at the "party" and she didn't stop calling me names for the next hour as she prepared to become "Mrs". It was a fantastic wedding and I saw my best friend cry for the first time ever! In a good way I promise. It all happened so quickly I don't think she had time to absorb what was happeneing. Don't worry, they had planned to marry, but 2 children and other stuff just kept putting it off. Oh BTW the Groom hid all the car keys from the bride too so she couldn't escape......but there was a horse in the paddock and I could envisage a scene from "Runaway Bride" there for a moment or two! Nah just kidding. But there really was a horse!

What will 2007 bring? Well I have had a LO accepted to Scrapbook creations so I suppose that is a good start. I hope to start a new album with Judy in the coming days and well I guess I really should give the house a really good clean.

I now have 2 DD's in high school with DD2 starting year 8 this year. How old do I feel? Very old. We still have school books and all that yucky school stuff to do in the coming weeks. At least the girls are old enough now to cover their own books and label everything.

Well that's about it for now. Will post again soon.