Monday, August 20, 2012

From conception to reality

When you receive your proofs from your family shoot (and at your selection appointment) I like to provide you with a mock up of what your prints will look like on the wall, individually and as a collection.  It gives you an idea of the sizes available and the impact your images are going to have once you hang them on the wall.

I mocked up these couple of ideas for the Allen family earlier this year……

xa 40x35 Canvas       xb Four 16x24 canvas

xd Synchrony Framed

After much discussion and making sure we had the right combination of photos I went away and worked up this idea for the family.  All on one wall, awesome!

Allen Collection

Painting came next….Leanne knew what colour the walls were going to be so mocking up the idea on a grey wall was important to the end result being just what they were looking for.

Leanne sent me this image last week of her family portraits on the wall!  Don’t they look awesome?

Allen Wall

All images are black and white canvas prints and the combination is just perfect.

I was soooo excited when I saw this and I know Leanne and her family will get so much enjoyment from their “Wall of love” for many years to come.


Sharon xo

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canvas prints said...

the photos here are looking great. top quality stuff.

Violetta Inna said...
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Violetta Inna said...

Such a masterpiece. I must copy your style. All these matched perfectly with the wall.
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