Friday, April 27, 2012

Size Matters

I was reading one of my regular blogs this morning whilst watching the amazing sunrise (my mind woke up and sleep was no longer an option) and I just had to share an image with you that clearly explains big is best.

I always try to educate my clients about size……size does matter!

Can you imagine how disappointing a 8x10 canvas would be on the wall compared with the 30x40 which clearly shows off your image perfectly…….

The 30 x 45 canvas (you get an extra 5 inches!) is the standard size for my canvas package and I think the above image comparing the sizes is proof it’s right for you!


Product Price List 72

Sharon xo

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suzitee said...

I have to agree...size really DOES matter, especially when it comes to canvas prints! Love my big one to death :)
The sunrise this morning was amazing...I even took some photos (do I dare admit it was on auto? LOL...too early in the morning to think!)

Tracey said...

Thanks for popping on over to my blog, yes our craft night was a huge laugh, huge. It was great to have a good laugh.
... and I agree with Susan,that large canvas you did for them is just amazing.
love me :-)