Thursday, February 16, 2012

Perth Family Photographer | Your Photographs

Your photographs have a story to tell.  They should be out on display for all to see but more importantly for you to see every time you walk past them.  They tell a story!

In October 2010 I spent the afternoon with the Hamersley family.  Shelley had attended a beginner camera workshop with me and asked if I would photograph her little family at home on their horse property.  I obliged.  You can see the preview I posted on my blog here.

On this particular day the “gods” were working in my favour, the weather was great and when I arrived at Shelley's home I was just a little excited to say the least about what I had to work with.

We had fun!  That’s what it was all about – enjoying themselves and allowing me to capture them as a family.

With young twin boys you can imagine how busy this family is and recently Shelley asked for a canvas of the family shot under “the” tree.  You see Shelley and her husband Sam were married under this tree and the decorations and some of the lights were still lodged in the branches, a constant reminder of something special that occurred on that spot.  Here’s the image….

I can’t tell you how excited I was to make this happen for them.  It is still one of my favourite photo sessions to this day and now they have a reminder of their gorgeous family captured in time hanging on the wall and all the memories that the tree brings.

I delivered the canvas to Shelley this week and I mentioned that I love that the decorations were still in the tree when we did the photo session and are captured in the image (I think you can see them to the top right).  She laughed and told me that they had now taken them down.  So this portrait becomes even more significant now. Thankfully they have it to remind them! 

It tells more than one story.

Shelley shared with me some photos after they hung the canvas over their dining room table where they can enjoy it.

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Complete with Valentines flowers from her husband!

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Their family portrait is out on display and it tells stories!

This makes me happy.