Monday, October 10, 2011

Wedding : Jessica & Ben

“Ben organised the flowers Sharon, all on his own, I didn’t have to choose anything” Jessica told me as we were setting up for another photograph.

Jessica and Ben were just awesome – I loved every minute of photographing their wedding day.  It dawned overcast with a few showers and even rained on my way to the ceremony.  As I pulled up to turn left onto the main road to head down to Mulberry on Swan, a limousine drove past and I said to myself “surely that’s not HER limousine?”.  Yep it was.  So I checked my notes whilst keeping one eye on the road and sure enough I still had 55 mins to make a 30 minute journey.  Gosh this girl is organised (LOVE IT!).  Luckily they were taking their time and I overtook them and without speeding and I made it well in time to set up and wait for the girls to arrive.  Jessica was going to be spot on time and not a minute late!






On Monday I was sent a running sheet of what family photos they wanted post ceremony and even had a rather handsome assistant rounding everyone up for me.




Have a wonderful honeymoon Jessica & Ben and thank you for sharing your special day with me.


Ngarie said...

These are great love an organised bride well done