Monday, October 31, 2011

Value & Worth

I read a few photography industry groups on Facebook and also follow a handful of photographer’s blogs. Why? Because I not only like their work but also their business “sense” makes sense, if you know what I mean!  There is so much more to a photographer than being able to take a great photo.

I have spent many months recently stewing over my worth, my value to you.  These words (worth and value) are used often in the photography industry, yet no-one is able to say you are worth x amount of dollars and you are going to have non-stop custom knocking on your door.  Why not?

It has taken me quite a while to break through my rigid thoughts on this and now I don’t see what I do in a dollar value (this may very well be a bad thing for my business) but I am certain it is something felt by my clients.  I value the service that I provide my clients, the personalised service from the day they contact me to arrange their photo session to the delivery day and beyond.  My clients become like friends to me (many of my clients are already friends).  I’m worth it!  When you purchase a photo session with Sharon Manning Photography my aim is to make sure you the client feels like you get value for investment in the way I do business and the feeling you get when you look at the 30”x20” fine art print of your family hanging in the hallway of your home.  Just like I get that warm fuzzy feeling when I know I have taken that exact same photograph.

Temple Canvas 72

It came time to structure new packages that provide my clients with value and worth and I have released them here.  The product choice is now simpler with a photo session and product selection of A, B or C or all of them if that’s what you want, I’m not going to argue that one with you!  All the information is up front in easy to understand combinations and you can see what you are getting for your investment.  I like to be an informed customer myself before first contact to find out more. How about you?

I read somewhere the other day that a well known photographer calls her pricelist a menu!  Great idea.  Would that be set menu or a la carte madam?

I’m comfortable with what I’m worth and I’m going to make sure you are too!


suzitee said...

The joy I feel whenever I walk into our living area and see our gorgeous photo on the wall really has no dollar value. Some of the prints made their way to NSW last weekend and the recipients couldn't have been I have to agree :) You are definitely worth it!